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Welcome to Higher Education in
Reality-Based Self-Defense

We're often asked by visitors who come to our academy: "Do any of your classes teach self-defense?" And the answer always is: "All of our classes teach self-defense." Every single aspect of our training is based on realistic self-defense, or street fighting. Our mission is to teach you how to defend yourself and survive a real fight. And escape to safety. We do NOT teach traditional martial arts, like karate or taekwondo. We do NOT teach tournament-based martial arts, like taekwondo or jiu jitsu. We don't believe those will work in a street fight. However, what we teach will work because they been proven to work. Our fighting systems have been battle-tested by the U.S. military and government for decades. Rest assured, you can rely on our self-defense training to work when you need it.


Our Street Fighting University Program is organized into three Phases:

Phase 1 - Apprentice Instructor Rank (Bachelor's Degree)

Phase 2 - Associate Instructor Rank (Master's Degree)

Phase 3 - Full Instructor Rank (Doctorate Degree)

Phase 1 training can take from four to five years to complete.

Phase 2 training can take from two to three years to complete

Phase 3 training can take from one to two years to complete. 

The entire Street Fighting University program can be challenging to complete, but it is incredibly rewarding once you make it. Typically, it can take from seven to ten years to complete the entire program, if you desire to become a certified Full Instructor. However, if you're not interested in pursuing instructorship, you can still benefit fully from training with us as a non-instructor track student. You don't have to follow the instructor track. We understand that this goal is not for everyone. 

Students are classified as:

1. Instructor Track Student (plan to earn an instructor rank)

2. Casual Student (plan to train for personal reasons other than earning a rank)

Major Martial Arts Programs

For Instructor Track students, you must complete at least one of the following Major programs:

  • Jeet Kune Do

  • Filipino Martial Arts - Kali Escrima


We highly recommend training and completing both programs to give you a broader foundation of martial arts knowledge and experience. ​

Elective Martial Arts Programs

For Instructor Track students, we offer three Elective systems that are optional, but recommended:

  • Maphilindo Silat

  • Muay Thai

  • Grappling Arts

You can earn an Instructor Rank in these Elective Martial Arts as well. 

Testing Events are done only six times a year, every other month. We do not pressure students to take tests. We believe it the student's choice on whether they want to, or are ready, to test out of their level. The student's progress is based completely on his/her own decision. 

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