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2024 Tandez Academy Seminar Series
Featuring SiFu/Guro Adrian Tandez

Jan 13th 

Kali - Dirty Boxing

Feb 3rd
Kali - Knife Defense

March 2nd
Maphilindo Silat - Brutal Takedowns and

April 6th 
KALI Solo Baston/Single Stick

May 4th
Kali - Espada y Daga/Stick and Dagger

June 1st
Muay Thai for the Street

Aug 17th
Grappling - Takedown Defense

Sept 7th 
Kali - Double Knife 

Oct 5th 
Maphilindo Silat - Sarong Fighting 

Nov 2nd
Multiple Attackers 

Dec 7th
Grappling - Ultimate Arm Locks 

Individual Seminar Fee:
0 per person, pre-registered one week before the seminar date.
$70 per person after that the pre-registration date.
If you're interested in signing up for our seminars, please contact us.
 For ages 13 years and above.

***Seminars are subject to change of date or cancellation. Please contact us for updated information before signing up.***
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Dirty Boxing Seminar at Tandez Academy

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