Junior Dragons


Jeet Kune Do
Self-Defense for Kids

The Junior Dragons program at the Academy teaches a modified version of the adult Jeet Kune Do program. Although simplified and easier to learn, the Junior Dragons classes still teach students the real Jeet Kune Do, which is challenging.

Students are taught how to defend themselves in a real, no rules fight. If danger comes, students are taught to escape if they can. But if they are given no choice but to physically defend themselves, then they use Jeet Kune Do. 

Students learn how to punch, kick, knee elbow, and use everything to survive. Students train on equipment, like focus mitts and kick shields. Students develop speed, stamina, strength, coordination and agility through partner drills. Students learn techniques, drill, and spar with each other. Sparring is a part of training and students are required to wear protective gear. In the end, the class is about learning and having fun.