Kali Escrima

The Filipino Martial Arts
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Guro Dan Inosanto, the foremost teacher and authority on the Filipino Martial Arts. Guro Inosanto is SiFu Tandez's primary teacher and mentor, and he is the influence behind the Tandez Academy. 

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The Symbolism Behind

the Inosanto LaCoste Kali symbol

  1. The Universal Triangle 

  2. The Circle Represents the Creator 

  3. The Kali Triangle - Love, Compassion, Humility

  4. The Stick - the Core of the Filipino Martial Arts

  5. The Blade - the Blade is taught after the Stick

  6. The Fist - the Empty Hands of FMA

  7. The Half Moon - represents the southern half of the Philippines, which was never under Spanish rule; also represents the Moonlight, which was the only time Kali practitioners could safely practice under Spanish rule.

  8. The Four Parts of the Circle represent the Four Saints called upon by Kali practitioners:             Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Uriel, and Saint Raphael.

  9. Ancient "K" for Kali, Kaliradman

  10. Ancient "E" for Eskrima, Estocada, and Estoke.

  11. Ancient "S" for Silat.


Tuesdays             7 PM

Wednesdays        6 PM

Thursdays           7 PM

Fridays                7 PM

Saturdays           10 AM

Filipino Martial Arts is the Second Major Part of the Rapid Assault Tactics Combat System
The Philippine Flag
Map of the Philippines

Filipino Martial Arts (Kali) are the weapons-based fighting arts from the Philippines. 

In Kali, you train in Stick Fighting and Knife Fighting, from the very beginning.


Kali trains you in elite-level military combatives because that was its original purpose. It's designed for warfare. This is why the U.S. special forces trains and uses Kali. But the applications for practical self-defense is tremendous.

Our Filipino Martial Arts classes are popular and exciting, and great for physical fitness! Our program draws from various Filipino Martial Arts styles
The Ginunting
a famous Filipino military battle sword used in World War 2
The Kampilan
a famous Filipino two-handed, head hunting battle sword
that legend says was used to kill the Portuguese explorer Magellan
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It is common knowledge in the U.S. Special Forces that the Navy SEALS learn and train Kali, the Filipino Martial Arts. Kali is the weapons-combat section of SEAL training. It is what is used on their missions.
In Kali, the movement of all weapons, including empty hands, are based on the movement of the Blade
The Balisong, or Filipino Butterfly Knife
The Kali Knife Fighting Stance
Disarms are the specialty of the
Filipino Martial Arts