Kali Escrima


The Filipino Martial Arts

Tuesdays - 7 PM
Thursdays - 7 PM 
Fridays - 7 PM
Saturdays - 10 AM

Kali/Escrima is one of the most complete martial arts systems in the world. It was designed for military purposes. Kali/Escrima is survival training in the truest sense because it means life-or-death. The applications for self defense are tremendous. ​

Kali/Escrima trains a practitioner in twelve areas. The objective to create a skilled fighter who is adept at almost every type of weapon. If the fighter loses his weapons, he must be able to continue the fight with bare hands and a sharp mind. There is no such thing as a Kali/Escrima practitioner without weapons. Everything around him can be converted into a weapon.

The main principle of Kali/Escrima is called "DeFanging the Snake." This means that when an enemy attacks with a weapon, the Kali/Escrima fighter will destroy weapon hand immediately. This will render the "Snake" harmless, thus "DeFanging" him. An enemy without hands, or legs, is unable to hurt you.

12 Areas of Filipino Martial Arts