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Testing Event


December 10, 2022


Congratulations to the following students on their successful promotions today:

Prisha Mehrotra - Junior Dragons 2 - Yellow Belt 

Brian Chen - JKD 2 - Yellow Belt 

Luis Lopez - JKD 2 - Yellow Belt 

Bruno Delagneau - JKD 2 - Yellow Belt 

Andy Fruchterman - JKD 3 - Orange Belt 

Luis Lopez - Kali 2 - Yellow Belt

Amy Doherty - Kali 3 - Orange Belt 

Warwick Cheung - Kali 3 - Orange Belt 

Fernando Alonso - Kali 9 - Brown Belt 

Niall Doherty - Kali 9 - Brown Belt 

Chuck Green - Kali 9 - Brown Belt 

Neil Gonzales - Kali 9 - Brown Belt 

Steven Chung - Kali 10 - Apprentice Instructor

Thank you everyone for working extra hard for this test. I was very pleased with the results today. Those of you who worked very hard, put in the extra hours, and practiced your butts off - it showed. That's why you earned your promotion. If you studied your curriculum, it showed.


If you who do not see your name on the list, please speak to me, and we can schedule a retest. I also need to give you feedback on your test.


Congratulations again!

                                                                                           - SiFu Adrian Tandez 

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