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Self-Defense Does NOT Exist! It's a LIE

Here's the first truth: the term "self-defense" is a lie. It's a legal term. True self-defense does not exist. Why? Because the only way to stop a violent, physical assault is to attack the attacker. Hit him hard, hit him fast, and hit him first! You have to make him stop. Choosing defensiveness, pacifism, or non-damaging techniques in your approach is going to get you killed. You have to attack the attacker with speed, aggression, and surprise. You have to be more violent than the attacker.

History has proven this fact time and time again. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis wouldn't have stopped invading Europe if the Allies decided to take a non-violent approach and gave in to his demands. If the Allies pleaded with him to do the right thing and stop invading, do you think that would've worked? Some people today would say, hey let's talk about it. "Hey Mr. Hitler, let's just sit down with the Allies and let's resolve this." Not going to work. It took the combined forces of the Allies and the Soviets to force the Nazis to stop. It took two atomic bombs to force the Imperial Japanese to surrender. Otherwise they would've kept going.

Here's another truth: there are real wolves in this world. There are real sociopaths out there who will hurt you, even kill you, and not feel anything. Believe it or not, most of these wolves were born this way. Yes, natural born killers exist. Their amygdala, which is the emotional center of the brain responsible for empathy, is tiny and malfunctioning. This means they don't feel anything when they hurt someone, like most of us would. Think about the latest news. Hamas militants beheaded hundreds of Israeli babies in the Gaza strip recently. Do you think any normal human being could do that? To pretend these wolves don't exist is to live in denial. Denial won't help you when you're facing a threat. These wolves cannot be reasoned with, or cured with therapy. The only way to stop them is to incapacitate them with whatever means necessary.

At the Tandez Academy, we don't teach traditional martial arts or bs self-defense. We take the philosophy of "Attack the Attacker" very seriously. In our first fighting system, Jeet Kune Do, we intercept the attacker first. Jeet Kune Do means "Way of the Intercepting Fist." This means we "intercept," or hit them first, before they get close enough. You can call it "pre-emptive" striking. In our second fighting system, Kali Escrima, we teach "De-Fanging the Snake." This means that when you're attacked by an armed assailant, the first thing you do is destroy his weapon hand or arm. This means if he has a weapon like a pipe or machete, you smash his weapon hand. If he has a knife, you smash his weapon hand. If you have a blade, then you cut his weapon arm.

If you want to learn real no-nonsense combat, then come to the Tandez Academy of Martial Arts. We don't mess around. We don't pretend that being the "good guy" or following the rules is going to help you. There are no bonus points with being nice or gentle. Combat is chaotic, ugly, nasty, vicious and brutal. Its nothing like what they teach in traditional martial arts. To survive, you must fight with more force and violence than your attacker. We can supply you with the training you need to turn you into a human weapon.

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