Rapid Assault Tactics

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SEAL Team 6

Combat System


RAT was developed by Paul Vunak for SEAL Team Six in 1992. The team is the elite unit of the vaunted Navy SEALs. It boasts the "best the best" warriors of all U.S. special forces. They wanted Paul to develop a new hand-to-hand combat system for them, one that is fast, effective and easy to learn. They didn't want karate - they wanted real fighting. Paul trained the SEALs for many years. SiFu Adrian Tandez became a student of Paul's and later on was certified by Paul to teach the RAT system.

The RAT sources three martial arts: Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Silat. Sound familiar? What makes the RAT so special is that it condenses all of this floodlight of knowledge and turns it into a laser beam of information that can be learned in less than a week. The RAT is best taught in seminar form, and that's how we offer it.

Today the RAT is used by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, DEA, U.S. special forces, Navy SEALS, SWAT, anti-terrorism units and law enforcement agencies nationwide. If you're interested in hosting a R.A.T. seminar, contact us.


Paul Vunak

Creator of the R.A.T.