Wing Chun

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Pure Self Defense

From Hong Kong



Wing Chun was developed by a famous Shaolin Temple female monk named Ng Mui. She escaped the Temple after it was burned to the ground by the Manchurians. She fled to southern China where she met a young teenage girl who was being forced to marry against her will. The girl's would-be groom was an old man who told her that if she could defeat him in mortal combat, she didn't have to marry him. The young girl pleaded with Ng Mui to teach her how to fight. Ng Mui taught the girl her fighting style and named her style "Wing Chun. She named it after the young girl, whose name was Yim Wing Chun. Wing Chun means "Beautiful Spring Time." In the end, the young girl defeated the old man and spent the rest of her life teaching kung fu.

Wing Chun was made purely for self defense. It's perfect for a smaller person wanting to defend against a bigger, stronger person. It's the foundation of JKD.

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