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Tandez Academy
1931 Old Middlefield Way  
Mountain View, CA 94043
408 373 0204

SiFu/Guro Adrian Tandez

SiFu ("Teacher") Tandez is the founder, president, and head instructor of the world-renowned martial arts school, the Tandez Academy. He founded the Academy in 2005 in San Carlos, California, and later relocated it to Mountain View, California where it sits presently. He has been a martial artist almost all of his life, with over twenty years of training and experience in the martial arts.

He is a 3rd Generation JKD master under the Bruce Lee lineage: 

Bruce Lee > Dan Inosanto > Adrian Tandez

He holds instructor ranking under Guro Dan Inosanto in the following systems:

  • Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do Concepts
  • Filipino Martial Arts - Kali / Eskrima / Kuntaw / Silat
  • Maphilindo Silat / Majapahit Arts

He also holds Instructor Ranking under Paul Vunak in the following systems:
  • Jeet Kune Do Concepts
  • Filipino Martial Arts

He is currently in training to become a Lead Pro Coach in Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) under Erik Paulson.

Other Certifications:
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) - Personal Trainer
  • 24 Hour Fitness - Personal Trainer

He respectfully acknowledges and gives thanks to the following instructors who have graciously shared their knowledge and wisdom with him in training:
  • SiFu Ron Balicki - Jun Fan, Kali, Silat, Shooto
  • SiFu Francis Fong - Wing Chun 
  • Ajarn Chai Sirusute - Muay Thai/Thai Boxing
  • Jean-Jacques Machado - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Grandmaster Crispulo Atillo - Atillo Balintawak Eskrima

Master Tandez holds a Masters Degree in Education/English from the University of Phoenix. He also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting/Theatre from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

SiFu Tandez is a man of faith and proud of his Christian beliefs. God is number one in his life, and his martial arts reflects this. He is grateful to God and Jesus Christ for all the successes and blessings in his life. Without God's mercy, nothing would be 

possible. He has dedicated the Academy to God, who continues to guide him on the path. The Academy is the way to help people in their lives. He believes that having strong faith and trust in God is the reason for his success. He believes in treating each other the way that Jesus taught us: to love and care for our fellow brothers and sisters, no matter who they are. He welcomes all people - all religious beliefs, creeds, 

backgrounds and orientation, to the Academy.

SiFu Tandez is a family man. He loves his family and is proud to be a husband and father. He gives thanks and appreciation to his family: his wife and son. They are the reason for all his hard work and effort. They are his inspiration for success.

Finally, he gives thanks to his blessed teacher and friend, Guro Dan Inosanto, and Simo Paula Inosanto - thank you both for all your help, guidance and inspiration over the years - thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me. You are truly good friends.

Certificates of Instructorship

Certificate of Instructorship - Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do

Certificate of Instructorship - Filipino Martial Arts

Certificate of Instructorship - Maphilindo Silat & Madjapahit Martial Arts