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Jeet Kune Do - Krav Maga

The Ultimate Combined Self-Defense System in the World
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The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Symbol 

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Mondays              6 PM

Tuesdays             6 PM

Thursdays           6 PM

Fridays                 6 PM

Saturdays          11 AM

Bruce Lee

Founder of JKD

Martial Arts Legend

What is Jeet Kune Do?

Jeet Kune Do is Bruce Lee's own personal fighting system. JKD means "Way of the Intercepting Fist." It teaches that the best way to stop an attacker is to attack, or intercept, him first. JKD is offensive-minded and aggressive, and is meant for self-defense only. It is a blend of Boxing, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, French Savate, Judo, Jujitsu, Wrestling, Kali, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Bruce Lee boxing.jpg

Bruce Lee learned Boxing first, not Gung Fu. Boxing is a major part of Jeet Kune Do training.

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Bruce Lee practicing on the Mook Jong, or Wooden Dummy. Wooden Dummy training is a major part of our Jeet Kune Do program

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The Krav Maga Symbol


Imi Lichtenfeld

Founder of Krav Maga

Legendary Freedom Fighter

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art developed by fighter

Imi Lichtenfeld, who used his experience as a boxer, wrestler, and street fighter to create it. Krav Maga was developed for the Israeli Defense Forces to strengthen courage and fearlessness in combat. Krav Maga is offensive-minded and aggressive. It is a combination of Boxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, and Aikido.


Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga Have the Same Basic Principles and Philosophy

Here's a Side-by-Side Comparison:



1. Made for street self-defense                                                                                                                   Made for street self-defense  2. Made to end the fight as quickly as possible                                                             Made to end the fight as quickly as possible

3. Uses fast, explosive aggression                                                                                                        Uses fast, explosive aggression

4. Emphasizes offense, not defense                                                                                                  Emphasizes offense, not defense

5. Emphasizes efficiency in combat                                                                                                   Emphasizes efficiency in combat

6. Uses simultaneous attack and defense                                                                               Uses simultaneous attack and defense

7. Always attack until enemy is incapacitated                                                                 Always attack until enemy is incapacitated

8. Attack, or intercept, the enemy's attack first                                                   Attack pre-emptively before enemy can attack you

9. Attack the enemy's vulnerable targets                                                                                    Attack the enemy's vulnerable targets

10. Develops muscle memory to improve reaction speed                            Develops muscle memory to improve reaction speed

11. Trains in the proper responses under stress                                                                   Uses instinctive responses under stress

12. Trains with full-contact and under stress situations                                  Trains with full-contact and under stress situations

JKD trains in:                                                                                                                                                                  Krav Maga trains in:

Kicking - Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate                                                                                                                           Kicking - Karate

Punching - Boxing, Wing Chun, Muay Thai                                                                                                                    Punching - Boxing

Trapping - Wing Chun, Muay Thai                                                                                                                                    Clinch - Wrestling

Takedowns & Throws - Judo, Wrestling, Jujitsu                                                        Takedowns & Throws - Judo, Wrestling, Aikido

Ground - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                                                                                                                                 Ground - Judo, Wrestling

Weapons - Kali Escrima                                                                                                                                                 Weapons - Aikido